Expatriate Tax Issues

Our Expatriate Tax Services provide tax consultation and tax return preparation services for United States Citizens living abroad and foreign nationals living in the United States. The number one challenge facing U.S. expatriates today is the urgent need to ensure they are in full compliance with the ever changing U.S. tax laws and aggressive enforcement of the new tax laws by the IRS.
Our knowledgeable professionals can assist you with:
  • Income tax preparation
  • Tax planning and compliance for U.S. nationals working overseas
  • Tax planning and compliance for foreign nationals working in the U.S.
  • Preparing necessary forms related to the foreign assignment
  • Assistance with inquiries from U.S. and foreign taxing authorities
  • Calculation and coordination of required estimated tax payments
  • Tax return preparation for expatriates and foreign nationals
  • Help with complex international social security rules
  • Foreign tax audit assistance
  • Foreign tax credits
  • Reporting foreign financial accounts (FBAR)
  • Tax treaties with foreign countries
For more information, please call or email us at tax@alliancecpagroup.com
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