Multi-Year Tax Projections

A tax projection allows you to estimate your tax liability and take action prior to the end of the tax year. Assessment of your investments and business objectives is critical to determining your required cash outlays and avoiding costly underpayment penalties. An accurate tax projection will help you accomplish a number of money-saving measures before the end of the tax year and in future years. Tax projections are also helpful when used to compare and contrast various tax savings and tax deferral alternatives. In addition, they may be effective in evaluating the impact of any pending tax legislations.  The cost of most tax projections and planning analysis can be a small fraction of your tax savings and can often save you a substantial amount of money.

Alliance can help you plan accordingly by providing multi-year projections that will help you determine the necessary cash outlays required before year-end, avoid costly underpayment penalties, and project future cash outlays required to meet tax obligations. 

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